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Make life easier for your parents, and for you, by taking the worry out of getting their bills paid on time…
With our personalized bill payment service, it’s as if you have your own financial assistant ensuring all your parent's bills are being paid and sent out like clockwork.

All without any effort on your parents (or your part), allowing you to focus on their other needs and spend more quality time together.
If you're helping your parents out, our bill pay service will make everything easier for you.
Helping your parents take care of their finances can be a difficult task.
We can make it easier for you, giving you and your parents peace of mind.

If you're already taking care of their finances, we can help you get back some of your time while we ensure you avoid late fees and dings to your parent's credit.

If your parents are resisting your help, it's natural.

Consider what they may be feeling. They may believe they are losing control, or that you don't respect them anymore because you want to take over their bills.

It may be difficult for them to accept that they have physical limitations, or memory issues that are preventing them from keeping up with their bills. Even if they have already experienced late fees or worse, it can be hard to let go.
Watching out for your parents and helping with their finances pays for itself...
A 2007 study by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College revealed that 40% of retirees between 67 and 80 suffer a decline in income and assets.

Protecting them financially is easier when you can get the bills out of your way and on auto-pilot for you. Then you can focus on the other aspects of their finances like spending, protecting them from scams, and ensuring they're in the right type of investments or insurance.

Your parents could enjoy 20 to 30 years or more in retirement. Many are on a fixed income, or have a limited amount of savings and resources to take care of them.

Now more than ever, their savings, investments, and income need to be protected and watched out for to ensure they have enough to live on. And that includes making sure their expenses don't rise due to mistakes like late or missed payments.

It's helpful to understand why your parents can easily fall behind on their bills, and don't or can't keep up with the bills on their own. This could give you some insight into how to help them better in other areas of their lives too.
Here are a few of the challenges your parents could be experiencing today or in the near future:
  • Physical pain like arthritis can prevent them from using their computer or writing out checks, or delay paying the bills until they feel better, which could be days after their bills were due.
  • A decline in cognitive ability, which results in memory loss, forgetfulness, and a decrease in our ability to solve problems.
  • Difficulty in keeping track of their bills and when they need to pay each one, which is even more stressful if they're on a fixed income and their budget is tight.
  • Having to log into and use multiple websites to pay their different bills, which just makes getting their bills paid harder and more complicated.
We have the systems and people in place to make all of this easier for you and your parents.
Your parents worked long and hard to get to retirement. We should make it as comfortable and easy on them as possible.

In order to do this, we use a combination of secure systems we've developed ourselves combined with superior customer service, located right here in the U.S.

When you or your parents need help, you'll have experienced, nice people who you are already familiar with ready to help you.

Our people and systems will handle everything for you so you can avoid the time and costs involved in managing your parent's bills and preventing fees and increases in your interest rates.
Late payments have both short term and long term impacts on your parent's finances...
  • A late or missed payment can cost your parents up to $35 or more just in the added fee - multiple late payments mean multiple fees eating into your parent's retirement.
  • Your interest rate could be increased by that creditor, and by even other creditors after it is reported - it's in their agreement with you.
  • An increase in the rate means a higher payment every month from now on for each creditor that raised your rate - which can make the budget even tighter for anyone on a fixed income as many retirees are.
  • A late payment can also lower your credit score - which can cause you to pay higher interest rates on any new credit they may need in an the future or in case of an emergency.
Here's how to help them see the benefits of putting our service to work for them, and you.
If there have already been issues getting bills paid, you have a starting point to open the discussion.

If there haven't been any issues getting their bills paid yet, then putting a service in place now to safeguard their credit and prevent future problems or late fees makes sense.

With us handling the bills for you, you'll be able to free up more "quality time" with your parents.

If an emergency occurs or a health issue for one of your parents starts to require more time to personally help them, you won't have to worry about the bills. You'll be able to focus on them and their immediate needs.

You can assure your parents no one is going to lose control of their finances. We work for you, follow our agreement and payment authorizations, and never even touch the money ourselves. There are no surprises with us. You tell us what to start making the payments on and we do it. You can add other bills or make changes as needed.

Using our service is lightening the load on all of you and will reduce your financial stress too.
Here's why it makes sense to avoid the hassle, late fees, and loss of your valuable time paying your parent's bills by letting us do the work for you.
When you have to keep track of and manage your regular monthly bills yourself, plus your parent's bills, this leads to...
  • Poor use of your time and a decrease in quality time with your parents
  • Having to track even more payment due dates
  • Needing to keep their bills organized too
  • Using even more sites to make all of the payments
  • Added financial stress you don't need or want
  • Potential late or missed payments
  • Potential late fees
  • Harm to your credit score or theirs from late payments
  • Increased interest rates can be triggered by a late payment on another bill raising the payment
  • Risk of higher rates on future credit
Those become worries of the past when you use our personalized bill payment services.
If you want to avoid the cost and stress from late payments and just make everything easier on yourself, then put our trusted, secure bill payment services and our experienced, professional staff to work for you.

You can enjoy the convenience and time savings of having your parent's bills (or yours) paid for you, while you focus your time and energies on helping your parents, as well as the other important areas of your life that need attention too.

You'll feel secure knowing you're still in total control of your parent's finances. We act as your financial assistant, doing the work for you, making the payments you have given us permission to make for you.

By putting us to work for you, you are moving yourself into more of a financial manager position, able to review all of the payments at any time in one place through your online dashboard. You can then review the payments which have been made at your convenience, instead of interrupting your life to make multiple payments when they are due. You'll also be able to easily communicate with us when you have a question or need a change on a payment in the future.

You will no longer have to worry about the time and effort needed to keep on top of the bills, or the cost of missing a payment.

Our secure payment systems and professional account coordinators will even alert you to any changes or payment issues you need to know about, before they become a problem.
Our service is like the other professional services you already use in your life...
You already use many professionals in your life. Your doctor, dentist, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, retirement specialists, the list goes on and on.

Why do you use them?

Because they have an expertise in an area you don’t, or you use them to save time or money. In our case you can get all three.

We have over 17 years of expertise in bill payment systems combined with superior customer service and account management.

We save you valuable time you can now spend where you need or want to, and we save you money by preventing late fees as well as dings to your credit score.
Your life is busy and you don’t have time to do everything.
Ask yourself this...

Do you feel you have enough time for all of the things you want to get accomplished?

There are 3 types of activities in life which demand your time.

You have things you have to get done, like paying the bills, working, grocery shopping, taking care of your kids, your pets, and yes, even getting enough sleep.

You have things you want to get done like spending more time with your family and friends, on your hobbies, working on advancing in your job to earn more money, and the stuff on your to-do list that usually rolls over to the next list.

And then you have the things you wish you could do if you found the time for it. These usually don't even make your to-do list because you know it won't happen.

We can free up some of your time and energy by ensuring your bills are getting paid so you don't have to break off of what you're doing several times a month to handle them.
What would you do with an extra work week every year?
If you spend just 4 hours over a month working on your bills, which is easy to do even when you're organized, you can free up a work week every year.

Think about it.

You're spending time gathering up and putting aside bills, opening and looking through them, checking to see when you have to get it paid, going to various websites to pay them all, or writing checks you have to drop off in the mail...
and you may do this several times each month.

You could easily spend 4 hours throughout the month managing all of this.

Now 4 hours x 12 months a year = 48 hours a year.

That's like working 6 days at 8 hours a day. That's more than the average work week you could reclaim every year.

And this doesn't take into account the value you put on your own personal time. Have you ever considered how valuable your time really is?

Don't get caught in the trap of thinking your time has no value. It does. And as you watch it go by realize that you can't get it back, you can't trade for it or buy more of it.

You can choose how to use it. and this is where the value of your time is related to what you want to accomplish with it.

Now think about that 48 hours of valuable time you could using to spend with loved ones, work on advancing in your career, or spend on your favorite hobbies, among other things.

How much sense does it really make to give up your time to working on your bills every month?

Save your time and take the worry out of having to manage your bills every month so you can be more focused on the other important areas of your life.

Once you put us to work for you, you won't have to worry about the extra costs or repercussions of late or missing payments anymore. And you'll have more time for those areas of your life in the "want to do" and "wish I could do" lists.
Here is how easy this will be for you.
You set up your account with us.

You tell us when to start making your payments and we go to work for you.

When you want to see which payments have been made, you can simply log in to your online dashboard. Everything will be right there in one convenient place.

When you have a change on a bill in the future, you tell us, we make the changes in our system, and everything keeps moving forward for you.

We’ve helped thousands of clients to pay and manage their bills since we started in 1997. We currently send out over 3 Million dollars a month in on time payments for our clients.

We can help you too, allowing you to save time and money while we do the work. You can sit back and manage and review your finances when you want to, knowing everything is being taken care of for you.
bill pay online dashboard
Here is what you’ll experience after you get started.
  • You’ll feel an immediate reduction in financial stress because you’ve just lightened your load and freed up time every month going forward.
  • Reclaiming some of your valuable time will make you feel more at ease when you face the rest of your To Do list or schedule, knowing you can accomplish more now.
  • Your bills will get paid like clockwork, preventing late or missed payments, as well as the fees they create.
  • Your credit will be better protected because we’re ensuring everything is being paid on time, avoiding the damage to your credit score that comes from late or missed payments.
Here is why you aren’t risking a penny.
You don’t pay anything today.

We’ll set up your account and you’ll verify your information.

Then you’ll choose a start date which is when you’ll stop making the payments yourself and we’ll start making them for you.

Each month, as we send out your payments we’ll send one out to pay for our service too.

This way you aren’t paying for the service until you are actually using it and you don’t have to put it on a credit card. It will show up on your bank statement and in your online dashboard with all of your other bill payments.
Reclaim your valuable time, reduce your financial stress, avoid late fees, and have all of your payment information in one easy to see location online.
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