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Busy Life? Use Automated Bill Payment Services to Stay on track and avoid late fees, missed payments, and other bill hassles.
With our personalized bill payment service, it’s as if you have your own financial assistant ensuring all your bills are being paid on time like clockwork.

All without any effort on your part, while you focus on the other important areas of your life, like spending time with your loved ones, running the kids around, working, and all the rest of what it takes to run your busy life.

If you already feel you don't have enough time to get everything done, you need this even more.
Busy Families Use Automated Bill Pay
Busy people save time & money by automating their bill payments while they are on the move.
Your life is busy and you don’t have time to do everything.
Ask yourself this...

Do you feel you have enough time for all of the things you want to get accomplished?

There are 3 types of activities in life which demand your time, and you have to decide every day which to spend your time on and which to ignore for today.

You have things you have to get done, like paying the bills, working, grocery shopping, taking care of your kids, your pets, and yes, even getting enough sleep.

You have things you want to get done like spending more time with your family and friends, on your hobbies, working on advancing in your job to earn more money, and the stuff on your to-do list that usually rolls over to the next list.

And then you have the things you wish you could do if you found the time for it. These usually don't even make your to-do list because you know it won't happen.

What if you could free up more of your time and energy, by ensuring your bills are all getting paid for you, so you don't have to interrupt your life several times a month to work on them yourself?

Your time and your money are both important in your life. Let's look at the value of your time and then how our service can save you money.
Your time is valuable. You can't buy more or create more.
You can stop losing your time to paying your bills yourself and spend more of it where you really need to. You could also regain a week a year as you'll see below.

First, look at how you lose time when you have to manage and pay your bills yourself every month.
Doing it yourself leads to...
  • Poor use of your time - your time is better spent on things which only you can do.
  • Having to track payment due dates - more on your schedule to keep track of.
  • Needing to keep your bills organized for payment later - you can't it if you can't find it.
  • Logging into and using multiple sites to make all of your payments - wouldn't it be nice if everything was in one easy to use place?
  • Added financial stress you don't need or want - money stress is one of the main issues in most relationships.
  • Late or missed payments when you're busy and miss a payment.
  • Potential late fees which can run $25-$45 or more each.
  • Late payments can generate increased interest rates which turn into higher payments from now on.
  • Multiple creditors can raise your interest rate even though the late was with another creditor.
  • Late payments can lower your credit score, leading to higher rates and payments on future credit or mortgages
Would you like to reclaim an extra work week of time every year?
If you spend just 4 hours over a month working on your bills, which is easy to do even when you're organized, you can free up a work week every year.

Think about it.

You're spending time gathering up and putting aside bills, opening and looking through them, checking to see when you have to get it paid, and going to various websites to make payments or writing checks you have to drop off in the mail...
and you may do this several times each month.

You could easily spend 4 hours throughout the month managing all of this.

Now 4 hours x 12 months a year = 48 hours a year.

That's like working 6 days at 8 hours a day. That's a full work week or more for most people.

This is just in regards to your time and doesn't take into account the value you put on your own personal time. Have you ever considered how valuable your time really is?

The one thing you can control about your time is how you choose to use it.

This is where the value of your time is related to what you want to accomplish with it.

Now think about that 48 hours of valuable time you could reclaim every year. What could you do with this lost week every year?

Spend it with loved ones, work on advancing in your career, or spend it on your favorite hobbies? Maybe all of these.

How much sense does it really make to give up your valuable time, to working on your bills yourself every month?

This is an important monthly task you can leverage a professional service for to ensure it gets done, without having to use your own time to do it.

Save your time and take the worry out of having to manage your bills every month. Because you don't have enough time to do everything yourself and your time should be spent on the things that only you can do, or want to do yourself.

Once you put us to work for you, you won't have to worry about paying your bills yourself or the extra costs or repercussions of late payments and fees anymore.

You can just focus on getting things done, enjoying more of your free time, and knowing your bills are being paid like clockwork for you.
We do the work for you allowing you to check in when you want to.
By putting us to work for you, you are moving yourself into more of a financial manager position, able to review all of your payments at any time in one place through your online dashboard.

You can spend more time focusing on your busy life. When it's time to balance your checkbook or work on other areas of your personal finances, you'll see all of your payments together in one easy to access place in your online dashboard.

Your payments have already been made, and you have no stress about them out yourself. No more interrupting your life to make several times a month to make multiple payments as they are due.

You'll also be able to easily communicate with us when you have a question or need a change on a payment in the future.

Our secure payment systems and professional account coordinators will even alert you to any changes or payment issues you need to know about, before they become a problem.
Here's how our service is like the other professional services you already use in your life...
You already use many professionals in your life. Your doctor, dentist, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, retirement specialists, the list goes on and on.

Why do you use them?

Because they have an expertise in an area you don’t, or you use them to save time or money. In our case you can get all three.

We have over 17 years of expertise in bill payment systems combined with superior customer service and account management.

We save you valuable time you can now spend where you need or want to, and we save you money by preventing late fees as well as dings to your credit score.
Here is how easy this will be for you.
You set up your account with us.

You tell us when to start making your payments and we go to work for you.

When you want to see which payments have been made, you can simply log in to your online dashboard. Everything will be right there in one convenient place.

When you have a change on a bill in the future, you tell us, we make the changes in our system, and everything keeps moving forward for you.

We’ve helped thousands of clients to pay and manage their bills since we started in 1997. We currently send out over 3 Million dollars a month in on time payments for our clients.

We can help you too, allowing you to save time and money while we do the work. You can sit back and manage and review your finances when you want to, knowing everything is being taken care of for you.
bill pay online dashboard
Here is what you’ll experience after you get started.
  • You’ll feel an immediate reduction in financial stress because you’ve just lightened your load and freed up time every month going forward.
  • Reclaiming some of your valuable time will make you feel more at ease when you face the rest of your To Do list or schedule, knowing you can accomplish more now.
  • Your bills will get paid like clockwork, preventing late or missed payments, as well as the fees they create.
  • Your credit will be better protected because we’re ensuring everything is being paid on time, avoiding the damage to your credit score that comes from late or missed payments.
Here is why you aren’t risking a penny.
You don’t pay anything today.

We’ll set up your account and you’ll verify your information.

Then you’ll choose a start date which is when you’ll stop making the payments yourself and we’ll start making them for you.

Each month, as we send out your payments we’ll send one out to pay for our service too.

This way you aren’t paying for the service until you are actually using it and you don’t have to put it on a credit card. It will show up on your bank statement and in your online dashboard with all of your other bill payments.
Reclaim your valuable time, reduce your financial stress, avoid late fees, and have all of your payment information in one easy to see location online.
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